Joining and FAQs...

We always welcome new members, whether you want to be on stage, help behind the scenes or even direct a show!

Why not give it a go - we are a friendly bunch and there is always plenty to get involved in.


Hopefully the following information will cover the majority of initial questions you may have concerning joining SIMADS. However if your question isn't covered here, please contact us.

Where do you meet?

SIMADS is based at the Burgess Hall, located at One Leisure St Ives, Westwood Road, St Ives, PE27 6WU (map). Most rehearsals are held in the Drama Studio, adjacent to the Burgess Hall, usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings. If a show involves children we will often try to schedule rehearsals for them on Sunday afternoons to try to avoid them having too many late nights! Sometimes we have to move to other rooms in the St. Ivo Centre, and very occasionally have to rehearse elsewhere, though plenty of notice is given when this happens.

What does it cost?

We charge an annual membership fee which contributes towards the often substantial costs of running an active performing society. Our fee year runs from 1st May to 30th April and is currently £20 per annum for adults and £10 per show for under 18s. Members to receive regular SIMADS newsletters which includes information about all our social functions (meals, quiz nights, summer barbeques etc). More importantly, membership fees ensure you are included on the Society's insurance policy.

How do I get to take part in a show?

SIMADS typically perform two shows per year, usually musicals (have a look at our past productions to see all the shows the Society has performed since it was formed). If you wish to be in a show, you will need to attend a pre-rehearsal get-together where we sing through parts of the score and discuss the Director's vision for the show in a fun and friendly environment. This is an opportunity to discover what the audition pieces will be, and to ask any questions. We sometimes hold an audition practice night where you can come along and sing through the pieces with the Musical Director. Auditions can take place in a variety of ways, sometimes in front of a small panel, other times in a workshop format, or other style suitable to the Director and production.

What if I just want to be in the chorus?

If you are a new member you will need to undertake a brief vocal check to ascertain your correct vocal range and that your voice is suitable for the forthcoming show. Existing members have their ranges rechecked from time to time. On occasions, the show might require everyone to be re-auditioned: this will be a decision of the Director and Musical Director of the production in question.

Do I have to attend every rehearsal?

Yes and no! The Director will produce a rehearsal schedule in advance so you should know when and where you are needed - invariably that isn't going to be all rehearsals. Whilst we hope to see you at all rehearsals you are called to, we understand that there may be times you are unable to attend. We ask that you tell us well in advance of known absences, preferably before auditioning, to assist with scheduling. The Director reserves the right to recast if someone repeatedly misses rehearsals.

What happens if I wish to join and you have already cast a show?

Unfortunately, unless a show is lacking cast, it will often be too late to join once rehearsals have commenced as there is often too much to catch up on and choreography already set will be hard to change. Of course, this doesn't preclude you from becoming a member anyway, assisting with back-stage matters during the show and then taking part in future productions!

Are there any additional costs involved?

When a show is in copyright, we charge members a show fee depending on the fee SIMADS itself has been charged . We also take a deposit cheque, usually up to £25, for any hired rehearsal material (scores, libretti etc.). The cheque is held (but not cashed) until the material is returned. Assuming materials are returned in the same condition as they were issued, the cheque is then returned to you for destruction.

Can I get involved backstage?

Yes! We are always in need of new helpers backstage. There are so many jobs to be done behind the scenes, including:

  • Directors
  • Musical Directors
  • Choreographers
  • Producers
  • Wardrobe
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Set Design, Construction and Painting
  • Stage Management
  • Stage Crew
  • Properties Management
If you have backstage skills and wish to help, please contact us and tell us more!

What do I do next?

You can contact us with your details / further questions, or simply turn up to a rehearsal and have a chat with us!